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Manufacturing & Operations

July - September 2015

Activity has increased at the senior level in various types of manufacturing organisations. Employers are recruiting on a permanent basis and are looking for candidates who are highly specialised in the area in which they work. As a result, we have seen an increase in requests for candidates from across the country.

There has been a recent increase in psychometric testing since more employers are focused on attracting the right candidate who possesses not only the right skills but who is also the right fit for future succession planning purposes.

We have seen an increase in the amount of work being offshored as employers look for cost savings.

In terms of skills in demand for the July to September 2015 quarter, we’re seeing high demand for Maintenance Fitters. These candidates are considered highly valuable and can offer variety as they can operate shutdowns. In addition, with production slower in the winter months companies typically spend more time on maintenance and repairs, which is further boosting demand for Maintenance Fitters.

Good Metal Workers are always in high demand and some organisations are increasing their production schedules, which adds to demand. In addition, Sheet Metal Workers in stainless steel are also sought by kitchen manufacturers for heat and control work. These people are extremely busy now and often working in excess of 60 hour weeks.

Maintenance Electricians (electrical fitters) are an important part of a shut down project. During this time they are needed to repair and service all machinery. During a shut down, both the mechanical and electrical components are attended to hence the high demand for Maintenance Fitters and Electricians.

Project Managers are also needed. Manufacturers are targeting new industries for business, which has created demand for candidates with specialist industry knowledge.

Maintenance Managers who are truly maintenance focused are sought by larger businesses that are separating the maintenance function from the capital projects and engineering teams.

Pipe Fitters are needed for defence related projects. These candidates can still be in short supply in manufacturing as they often accept FIFO roles that command high salaries.

Quality Managers are also sought, but employers are very particular in the type of candidate they will consider. Candidates too are fussy about the roles they will take and are not in any hurry to move.

Production Supervisors with strong skills and lean experience are always in high demand.

In terms of candidate trends, both blue and white collar candidates are increasingly on LinkedIn. Candidates are also becoming more flexible in the positions they will accept and are more inclined to take a sideways step as long as there is a structured career development plan on offer.


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