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Manufacturing & Operations

April - June 2014



Maintenance Managers - Dual trade qualified candidates are sought to both coordinate and manage a team and work on the tools when needed in order to reduce costs.


Operations Managers – Manufacturers are looking for candidates with experience in reducing costs and managing process change as they adjust to the market.


Mechatronic Engineers – This demand exists in niche markets where both dual trade and research and development are the key. Yet there is a shortage of such candidates in the market.


Mechanical and Reliability Engineers - Reliability focused maintenance can save organisations a lot of time and money during the busier seasons. As a result, good candidates with this skill set are always in demand.


Quality Assurance Managers and Supervisors - Quality Assurance has been a growing segment over the last quarter. The major retailers have very high quality demands and manufacturers cannot afford to lose their business by not complying to their standards. In addition, the past quarter unveiled some scandals in terms of product recalls and bacterium outbreaks and a talented QA professional is good insurance against costly mistakes.


Production Managers and Supervisors - A large number of manufacturers have undergone restructures, with senior management reviewing their operations structure. This resulted in general movement in the industry, while some lean organisations added an additional layer of management.


Hydraulic Fitters - Candidates with a strong and stable background within hydraulics are sought by specialist firms.


Electricians – These candidates are sought to manage shutdown work and maintain equipment. Those with experience of design are particularly sought after.




While the focus remains on recruiting business-critical roles, we are starting to see more white collar candidate movement as people are confident to move jobs and secure a new challenge.


A growing requirement from employers is for candidates with exact relevant industry experience. Most organisations do not have the time to train new employees and they want candidates who can hit the ground running. Requirements can be as specific as candidates with previous experience working for meat processing, dairy or beverage manufacturers.

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