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Human Resources

April - June 2014



Human Resources Managers – After a lack of movement in this area for some time, a large number of Human Resources Managers are now looking for their next challenge. This natural turnover is fuelling vacancy activity and a need to replace departing staff. However employers find it difficult to identify candidates with relevant industry experience who are also the right fit.


HR Coordinators - Small to medium sized organisations are seeking standalone HR representation. Many HR teams have retracted in size, in some cases creating the need for a HR professional who is an all-round generalist and who can report directly to the senior management team. In addition, newly created roles are emerging in organisations that have been awarded projects but have had no internal HR team in the past. And in a localised trend, these vacancies are also growing in Perth as organisations with headquarters in the eastern states now look for local HR representation in their Perth regional office.  


HR Advisors/HR Business Partners – Vacancies are on offer in both new organisations or in companies that have not had any internal HR support. These organisations now require the expertise of HR Advisors or HR Business Partners. In addition, natural turnover is creating high demand as employers replace departing staff who are seeking new opportunities and development roles.  The need for commercial operators who have strong stakeholder management skills is consistent.


Learning & Development Managers – The need to engage current employees and retain them in a recovering market is definitely a feature of every HR plan, and this is fuelling high demand for L&D Managers. In a local trend, Darwin remains a highly transient market and this is further adding to the need for these skills in the Northern Territory.


Instructional DesignersThese candidates are needed to develop training material for statutory changes, however there is a shortage of suitable candidates with e-learning experience. There is an increased desire to deliver training in a succinct and measurable manner, which has created this staffing need. While there are a lot of candidates who have developed paper based or classroom training, there are few who have e-learning systems experience. There has also been a need to revisit packages of learning as part of rebranding, legislative changes or the raising of capability to support market share increases.


Change Managers – These candidates are sought to assist with efficiency improvements, particularly in the public sector. This is the result of cost cutting and headcount reductions.


Industrial Relations Advisors - Many EBAs are up for negotiation, which is fuelling a need for Industrial Relations Advisors.


Work Health and Safety Specialists - This is always a big consideration in any business. There is a current need for WHS specialists to engage a number of approaches and utilise best practice methodologies while using new tools to achieve not just compliance but excellence.


FIFO HR Superintendents – Western Australia is experiencing a shortage of FIFO HR experts with specific superintendent level experience.


FIFO HR Managers – Western Australia is also seeing high demand for candidates to work 3:1 rosters. But uncompetitive packages for such rosters result in a lack of candidates willing to fill these roles.




The focus of employers is shifting from recruiting on a temporary or contract basis to securing people in permanent positions.  While most positions are the result of natural turnover, some businesses are growing and are looking for more specialised HR expertise.


Vacancies are evident across all industries and sectors. There is significant activity in the permanent market with a number of mid-level opportunities available across the generalist HR Advisor or HR Business Partner category. We have also seen a particular increase in learning and organisational development. Within the senior market the ongoing compression of salary offerings continues to increase competition.


Exposure to the Fair Work Act and local employment legislation is valued.

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