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January - March 2016

Funding model changes in the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector has seen movement from permanent to more fixed term contract roles.

Increasing activity in the disabilities market related to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is being felt across the sector. The NDIS involves a move to the provision of person-centred care models and extra fee paying services.

There has also been increased demand for Mental Health Practitioners in both the private and NFP sectors.

Preference is still for permanent recruitment in healthcare, with the exception noted above. Most recently there has been a surge in Program Manager and health promotion roles requiring candidates to have a healthcare background.

Skill shortages continue for degree qualified Psychologists, Social Workers, and Physiotherapists in Darwin and remote locations. Salaries are assumed to be higher in the Northern Territory but this is not the case, dissuading candidates from moving to the Top End.

We are also talking to aged care employers wanting to recruit Registered Nurses from overseas due to a shortage of local candidates.

Last month the South Australian Government announced 6,300 new jobs would be created to cater to the NDIS. While it is unclear how much recruitment will start this quarter the jobs boom includes 1700 roles based in Adelaide’s northern suburbs hard hit by the closure of auto plants and 1,300 jobs in the city’s southern suburbs. The total SA disability workforce is estimated to increase from about 5,000 to more than 11,500 to support more than 32,000 South Australians covered by the NDIS scheme.

Skills in demand

Mental Health Practitioners are in increasing demand due to funding of community mental health programs.

Aboriginal identified healthcare workers are also in solid demand for their expertise and to increase the diversity of teams.

Allied health practitioners with interdisciplinary experience are needed as we move towards the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) roll out and greater collaboration within allied health streams.

Meanwhile, degree-qualified Social Workers with the right qualification and extensive demonstrated relevant work experience are in short supply in many locations.

Also in short supply are qualified Psychologists with extensive work experience as well as Senior Managers degree qualified in social work or psychology with considerable managerial experience.

In the Northern Territory General Practitioners are always needed and there is also a shortage of qualified Physiotherapists looking for long-term work in Darwin.

Experienced Endorsed Enrolled Nurses (EEN) are in demand rather than Register Nurses (RN) for cost reasons.

Facility Managers for aged care facilities in rural areas are also needed but are in short supply.

Candidate trends

More and more clinical candidates are appearing on LinkedIn.

There is still a high volume of graduates looking for work in the Northern Territory but the demand is for highly skilled healthcare professionals who have extensive demonstrated work experience within their field of expertise.

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