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January - March 2016

Most employers in the energy sector are optimistic and expect new projects to be confirmed by April.

Sustainable energy is expected to see more recruitment activity this quarter based on the Australian Prime Minister’s greater support of renewable energy projects compared to his predecessor and the success of the Paris Climate Conference.
Employers in the traditional energy market have seen high levels of redundancies in recent years that have left them understaffed. As a result they are now looking for qualified candidates for project roles.

In Victoria, we expect energy retailers to take a more prominent role on the metering side of the sector, but this could take a while to come into play. In the meantime, candidate levels remain fairly static.

Skills in demand

Over the January to March quarter we expect candidates in the sustainable energy sector to benefit from a more optimistic outlook and greater opportunities.

The more positive attitude of the government in Australia is expected to result in greater investment in some renewable energy technologies and thus employment. Renewable Development Managers should be in increased demand as organisations look to add significant expertise to their development teams.

There are more Quality Management roles in market as a result of restructures creating the need for improvements in the quality of work to enable organisations to streamline operations and save money on reworks.

Although the design area has been relatively quiet, we are seeing an increase in residential development, which is increasing the need for Detailers and Drafters for new electricity networks.

There has also been a steady need for soft services professionals, namely Coordinators based in the field environment for poles and wires, especially with bush fire season now upon us.

Candidate trends

Candidates are more open to contract work due to a greater appreciation of current market conditions.

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