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April - June 2014



Vocational and Adult Educators – We are seeing demand for Vocational and Adult Educators in business frontline management, healthcare and marketing. These growth industries are suffering from candidate shortages and are thus turning to training options.  There is also a huge amount of growth in the RTO sector at present.


Secondary Teachers - Secondary Teachers of mathematics, science and technical subjects are in high demand since many people with these skills go into industries where they receive a higher salary and can use their technical knowledge at a more advanced level.


Educational Leaders – While there is a low volume of these roles, suitable candidates with the required level of skills and leadership expertise are in short supply


Early Childhood Teachers – Given legislative changes, severe candidate shortages, and more attractive conditions and salaries in primary schools, there is very high demand for Early Childhood Teachers. There is no sign of this abating.


Childcare Cooks – Given the short hours, low pay, and number of vacancies within the hospitality sector, childcare centres are facing a shortage of cooks.


Non-Teaching Directors - High quality Directors are in demand. Candidates require an ECT qualification, but salaries do not reflect the volume of work that is required.


OOSH Coordinators - Split shifts mean people need to be local to centres.  Experience working with children is required as is a Certified Supervisors number. But short shifts result in low salaries, and thus a shortage of candidates willing to consider these roles.




Within the school sector, employers will hire candidates largely on a contract basis until the end of the year. As a result, flexibility and availability will be important and moving out of permanent roles will be hard until the end of the year. 


Within the VET sector, there is a huge focus on hiring contractors to meet the rapid growth RTO's are experiencing. Applicants who are flexible will be rewarded with plenty of work and casual rates of pay. 


Childcare centres are looking at all options available to them as they look for qualified early childhood teachers, including above award salaries and providing any form of flexibility that they can.  Permanent jobs are on offer as centres attempt to meet the necessary ratios.


Centres looking for cooks are considering food services providers or encouraging their childcare workers to do both childcare and cooking, thus providing them with longer hours and more pay.

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