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October - December 2015

Within the school sector the approach of the 2016 school year is leading to a traditional spike in vacancy activity for teachers looking to move into a new role next year. Independent schools are looking for national curriculum experience, High School Certificate marking experience, and teachers of technical subject areas and high volume subjects. We have also seen a reasonably large amount of movement at the senior level.

We are also seeing activity in the Vocational Education and Training sector, and a clear trend towards online delivery of educational courses.

In the early childhood sector, candidates with leadership responsibilities typically remain in their current role until the end of the year. These teachers do not wish to cause unrest for children who are preparing for school in 2016.

Skills in demand

In terms of skills in demand, we are seeing a great need for Teachers with HSC knowledge within specialist subject areas. Experience of marking HSC papers is also highly desirable. This is because HSC results, and Naplan results, are the key success indicators for schools and therefore this continues to be a strong focus for school employers. As noted above, Teachers of technical subject areas are also highly sought after.

Teachers with curriculum development and student engagement skills are another area of demand. With the move towards a national curriculum underway, schools are looking for teachers who are adaptable, strong in curriculum and program development and who can be creative in their resource development and assessment processes.

Technology skills are essential in all education environments, from schools to higher education. There is an ongoing focus on effective use of online learning resources to allow for more diverse teaching strategies and more enquiry and independent focussed learning. Strong applicants must be able to pick up and use new and changing technologies.

Educational leaders, from Head of Faculty to Head of School level are also sought. This is driven by continual growth in the education market and schools looking to be adaptable in constantly changing environments.

Communication skills remain one of the most important skills in any educational setting. Employers want teachers who are engaging, passionate, and who can relay complex content in a simple and easy to understand way. In addition, the ability to communicate effectively with parents, colleagues and students in a range of different contexts is essential.

As noted above, in the Vocational Education and Training sector there is a clear trend towards online delivery of educational courses. Consequently employers are looking for adaptable Trainers and Assessors with strong IT skills, strong phone communication skills, and compliance rigour.

We are also seeing demand for Trainers and Assessors in the hospitality and health areas. Employers often need these candidates at short notice, however with fewer candidates available sourcing the top talent can be challenging.

We are seeing great demand in the early childhood sector for Early Childhood Teachers. These candidates are always in high demand and short supply due to the length of study required and the attraction of primary teaching roles. There is also a need for temporary candidates to fill maternity leave contracts.

Experienced Directors are needed too, particularly those with experience leading a service through the newer accreditation process. A good rating is becoming a driving factor in attracting families and staff to a centre.

Candidate trends

In terms of candidate trends, teachers are increasingly on LinkedIn. They are also more aware of the importance of tailoring their application for individual schools and highlighting their skills and experience effectively while still demonstrating what sets them apart.

In the early childhood sector, candidates are looking for greater responsibilities. However in many privately owned centres the owner is the Director. As a result, ambitious candidates are looking at roles in larger organisations or centres where the owners are not the Directors. Owners are attempting to combat this by creating new roles such as Sustainability Officer or WH&S Officer in order to give candidates more responsibility and progression opportunities.


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