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April - June 2014



Telemarketers – There is high demand for Telemarketers, but a shortage of skilled and experienced candidates with outbound sales experience. Given that salaries for Telemarketers are often low, and the commission structure is not overly attractive, employers are finding it difficult to recruit and retain experienced quality staff. Those employers who offer either enhanced financial entitlements or better non-financial rewards will see a higher calibre of candidate when recruiting.   


Appointment Setters – Such candidates are in high demand, but again there is a supply shortage. This is a repetitive role that does not allow for a lot of career progression, which makes candidate attraction a challenge. Employers who are willing to train inexperienced candidates, or consider part-time candidates, will generally see better retention results within their team.  


Outbound Call Consultants – We are seeing high demand for these skills. Another repetitive job function, also with a lack of career progression opportunities, it is one that consequently suffers from a shortage of interested candidates. Much like the above, employers who are more flexible and creative around the way they structure their employee package will have better success when recruiting.   


Customer Service Representatives – There is high demand for candidates with manufacturing experience, especially those who also have SAP experience. Organisations with vacancies generally want candidates who can hit the ground running and who have previous experience with internal and external customers.


Collections Consultants – The nature of this role leads to a high rate of turnover, and thus an almost constant need to back-fill departing staff. Retention challenges include shift work, irregular hours, a large percentage of part-time workers, and a larger percentage of student workers and temporary visa holders who resign once they complete their study or move on.




Employers will focus on securing skilled and experienced candidates this quarter in areas experiencing growth or as replacements for departing staff. In such cases, employers often want a candidate who is the perfect fit and requires very little training and development. Candidates also need to possess the correct technical and behavioural fit.


In the finance sector, organisations are now cross-skilling entry-level Customer Service Representatives and including a KPI element to up-sell. This is creating more consistency across skills and salaries will reflect that consistency moving forward.


Broadly speaking, organisations typically promote from within when they have a Team Leader vacancy in order to ensure internal progression opportunities for current staff. However we have noticed a recent trend of some employers hiring Team Leaders externally in order to change their existing culture and bring in new perspectives.

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