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October – December 2014


Entry-level Customer Service Representatives – There is high demand for graduate level candidates for customer relations and client services roles within financial services and wealth management. Leading companies within the sector have almost the same criteria for candidates and are offering similar salary packages.

Appointment Setters – As this is a repetitive role that does not allow for a lot of career progression, attracting suitable candidates can be a challenge. Employers who are willing to train inexperienced candidates, or consider part-time candidates, will generally see better retention results within their team.

Telemarketers – There is high demand for Telemarketers, but a shortage of skilled and experienced candidates with outbound sales experience. Employers are finding it difficult to recruit and retain experienced quality staff due to low salaries. Those employers who offer either enhanced financial entitlements or better non-financial rewards will see a higher calibre of candidate when recruiting.

Outbound Call Consultants – We are seeing high demand for these skills. Another repetitive job function, also with a lack of career progression opportunities, it is one that consequently suffers from a shortage of interested candidates. Much like the above, employers who are more flexible and creative around the way they structure their employee package will have better success when recruiting.

B2B Telesales – This is generally seen as a step up from B2C telesales as it allows candidates to enhance their skills while developing business relationships. Those candidates within the IT or technology space that have demonstrated success and commitment in this area are in the highest demand. Salaries range between $45-$70,000 plus super and will usually offer a fairly generous commission scheme.

FMCG - Customer Service/Sales – Most blue chip and SME companies are ramping up activities in this area and are looking to train up entry level candidates as those with FMCG experience take longer to source. A typical entry level salary in FMCG is $55,000, but to entice someone to leave one business to go to another requires a salary offering in the region of $60,000.

Customer Service Representatives – Permanent customer service roles are increasing in the manufacturing, retail and industrial sectors and candidates are increasingly rejecting offers due to salaries not being competitive. Many companies compete in terms of culture and hours, as the day to day tasks in these roles are fairly similar business to business. These industries seek candidates with solid experience in customer service from an order processing supply chain background.

Call Centre Managers – Candidates from telecommunications or technology based industries are typically finding it more challenging to make the cross over from one industry to another. Demand in financial services is currently strong so some businesses have been more open to looking further afield outside of the sector for managers, except for the areas of mortgages and wealth, where employers prefer candidates from within those sectors.

Team Leaders – Financial services firms have a need for strong Team Leaders and look to promote from within as well as recruit externally.

Project/Customer Service Improvement specialists – Change management and process improvement roles have started to become more common. Contact Centre Managers relish these kinds of challenges as they usually have a diverse background with broad knowledge. Businesses are starting to see the potential for call centres to become a revenue stream and are looking to integrate sales and service as well as diversify their customer engagement into social media.


Temporary recruitment has traditionally been favoured by contact centre organisations due to the high turnover of candidates within this sector. However, more recently we have seen an increase in the number of vacant permanent positions and this looks set to continue over the coming quarter.

There has been strong demand for experienced Outbound Sales Consultants across all sectors and employers are becoming a lot more particular about the type of candidates they are looking for. Highly skilled contact centre candidates are scarce and employers will find it increasingly challenging to find suitable candidates as demand continues to rise.

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