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January - March 2015




Finishes Forepersons Due to the surge in residential developments in 2014 the competition for experienced high-rise Finishes Forepersons is at unprecedented levels.


Structures Forepersons In both the residential and commercial sectors the competition for experienced Structures Forepersons continues to pick up.


Project Engineers With Tier 1 and 2 builders working on ever larger projects, Project Engineers with experience on projects valued over $100 million are currently in very high demand.


Residential Building Supervisors An increase in demand from buyers of new houses in South-East Queensland and Victoria has created a number of opportunities for Supervisors in those states.


Estimators Estimators help deliver a cost effective product by quoting and obtaining material at a competitive price. Candidates are in high demand for project roles in the commercial, civil and infrastructure market.


Commercial Contract Administrators Commercial construction is on the increase, especially in high rise residential buildings, creating demand for experienced Contract Administrators. A significant number of commercial office staff moved from Queensland to New South Wales in 2013 and this has now left the region with a shortage of suitable candidates. Contract Administrators are required for legal paperwork, subcontractor management and building materials procurement to ensure the project remains profitable.


Project Managers With the population continuing to grow in Western Australia, there has been a huge demand for residential properties ranging from single, double or triple storey dwellings to high rise apartment projects. As a result, Project Managers with experience working on projects valued between $5-10 million are highly sought.





New apartment sales hit a decade high in Australia in 2014 while a swathe of new medium and high-density housing projects were approved in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. This means that the construction boom will continue in 2015, creating jobs for skilled tradespeople and engineers.


The increasing popularity of apartment living is being driven by the squeeze on housing affordability, the changing lifestyles of the baby boomers and generation Y’s preference to live close to ‘knowledge-worker’ jobs at an affordable price. There is also significant demand from foreign investors.


In Queensland the market is buoyant and we are seeing increased investment in

land development for commercial and residential use. The Queensland Government is providing support by offering first home buyer/builder grants as well as easier procedures for development application approvals.   


As a result, companies are gearing up for more construction activity this year, with the acquisition of commercial staff such as Project Managers and Commercial Administrators on a permanent basis. There will also be a slight increase in demand for temporary staff on smaller residential projects that will begin early this year.    


As larger projects begin we will see an increase in the demand for site staff. There will be a strong emphasis on contract roles for commercial refurbishment work and we expect to see a bigger push for permanent staff at sites with a longer project life.


The public sector market continues to be driven by temporary contracts. Longer contracts are now being offered (6-12 months) in some states, and with more security in the pipeline as projects develop, this trend is set to continue.


In Queensland, candidate shortages are emerging in key areas as the market recovers, with skills and experience gaps dating back to the market downturn still being an issue for employers. The shortages exist in areas where local candidates previously moved interstate for work after Queensland government cuts in 2012.


In South Australia companies are preparing for a better 2015 by hiring more permanent staff. Most work will be done on smaller, predominantly fit-out projects, valued up to $10 million. There remains a shortage of quality Commercial Administrators and Estimators.

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