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Accountancy & Finance - Public Sector

July - September 2014



Management Accountants – Employers are looking for Management Accountants with strong budgeting experience within the Government sector as well as those that have external budgets experience. Candidates with strong written communication skills are also sought to help write budget papers.


Financial Accountants – Financial Accountants with a Government security clearance are highly sought. Also, candidates with knowledge of the Department of Finance reporting requirements (including FMA and PBS) are needed as departments back fill essential reporting staff who are taking VR opportunities.


Financial Policy and Governance specialists - Given changing Government accounting standards, these professionals are in demand.


Payrollers - Candidates with systems implementation or project experience are in high demand across the public sector. Employers are looking to improve processes and reduce workloads by moving towards a more automated system. Candidates in payroll are now required to possess strong technical abilities in automated processes, management and implementation. Specific systems experience is sought, with no flexibility from employers.


Billings – This skill is sought by memberships organisations and subscription organisations as well as Aged Care facilities.




In the ACT temporary recruitment activity will remain strong for at least the next budget cycle. There are few permanent positions currently available in the ACT and the Government is likely to continue to cover workload peaks with contractors in the short to medium term.


Permanent recruitment activity is however increasing in other states. Fixed-term contracts are still available, but confidence is returning in most states and temporary candidates are starting to secure permanent roles.


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