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hays-journal-9.pngThis bi-annual publication from Hays explores issues affecting the rapidly changing world of work. View the full copy here.

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Some highlights from our latest issue: 

Managing the risks for staff in hostile conditions

Dangerous jobs attract thrill-seekers, but that doesn't mean normal approaches to safety don't apply. From security contractors to helicopter pilots and aid workers, the individuals attracted to adrenaline fuelled roles can prove to be inherent risk-takers, even if the culture of the business as a whole is risk-averse.

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Middle Management

Establishing an effective middle management tier can make or break a growing business. Read our article about when and how to bridge the gap.

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Female leaders - tales from the top

What does it take to be a female senior executive in the modern world of business? Seven successful women reveal their journeys so far.

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Workplace environments - welcome to paradise

Table football, rooftop bars and nap pods are appearing in more and more offices. Whether they are the key to performance or a distraction depends on your culture. Does a cool office really matter?

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Issue 7 - East Meets West
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The global skills dilemma that is holding back growth

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Recognising the value of talent management

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How businesses can develop global leaders

Issue 2 - Harnessing the power of diversity
The value added to business

Issue 1 - The pace of mobility
How to manage a global workforce