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This bi-annual publication from Hays explores issues affecting the rapidly changing world of work.  View the full copy here or download the iPad app here.

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Some highlights from our latest issue:

Why every HR team needs to focus on digital skills

Organisations need digital talent to get its hands dirty – learning and keeping up with digital trends. From the most obvious areas such as IT professionals to social media executives or even recruitment professionals working with advanced algorithms, what is the extent of digital skills in today’s workplace, and do we need to reassess core skills, so that basic literacy and numeracy is matched by basic computing literacy?

Read full article here.

Mind the age gap – The effect of ageing populations on the workforce

With many workers retiring later, what are the implications for young people trying to enter the workforce, particularly in rare, highly skilled roles? If talent pipelines are disrupted, what does that mean for skills in the future and the industries that rely on them?

Read full article here.

Behind the numbers – What big data will tell you – and what it won’t

HR has yet to harness the capability of Big Data to reveal insights into employee behaviour and performance, but change is occurring.

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Other topics

Mind the age gap – The effect of ageing populations
HR and risk – What role does HR play in risk management?
Singapore’s growing pains – Regional snapshot
Back to China – Tricks of the trade


Issue 7 - East Meets West
Asian businesses have gone global

Issue 6 - Chasing profits but at what cost?
What the world has learned about values

Issue 5 - Looking for tomorrow's workforce
The global skills dilemma that is holding back growth

Issue 4 - Focus on skills
Recognising the value of talent management

Issue 3 - Managing across borders
How businesses can develop global leaders

Issue 2 - Harnessing the power of diversity
The value added to business

Issue 1 - The pace of mobility
How to manage a global workforce


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