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This bi-annual publication from Hays explores issues affecting the rapidly changing world of work.  View the full copy here or download the iPad app here.

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Some highlights from our latest issue:

Rising in the East – Asian businesses have gone global

East Asian companies have different business cultures to those in Europe and the US, and so successful has their approach been that Western companies have looked east for lessons in their own expansion.

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All lines are open – The future of business

As the world emerges from global recession, organisations are taking their cue to refocus on growth. This is invariably accompanied by corporate pledges to learn from past mistakes, to rectify things that were wrong and to put core values on the top of the business agenda. The sense is that this has all been said before.

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Growing pains – Recruiting during fast growth

The script for small businesses appears simple enough. An entrepreneur with a bright idea for a product or service creates a company to supply it, and as long as there is a demand for it, the company generally thrives.

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Globe trotting talent – Universal skills for mobile executives

A number of surveys point to 2014 as the year that top talent will be on the move. And, as opportunities for talent grow, so does the headache for HR teams trying to retain their best people within their organisations.

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Premier League talent – The parallels between elite sport and business

The right people in the right positions. It’s the mantra for every recruiter and manager. It’s also a mantra for every sports team. In the often grey world of business, it’s easy to make the casual analogy between an ambitious business unit and a squad of athletes – the need for leaders, for a game plan and for a winning mentality. But in professional sport, the principles of great HR are more deeply embedded than you may expect.

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