Contact Centres salary insights

The impact of digital technology can be felt in all sectors, including contact centres, where it is transforming the way centres operate and the skills in demand.

Contact Centres Insights AU

One example is the rising requirement for Customer Service Agents with digital customer engagement experience who are skilled in multi-channel communication and are confident web chat, email and social media users.

To support transitions, Team Leaders and Managers who have set up digital or omni-channel customer service functions are in high demand too, as are Real Time Analysts and Workforce Planners who can accurately measure, report, analyse and forecast digital functions.

Meanwhile a focus on growth and winning market share has led to ongoing demand for strong Outbound Sales, Telemarketers, Sales Agents and Customer Service Consultants. Employers are looking for agents with sound relationship building, negotiation and influencing skills who are motivated working to targets and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

In the public sector, experienced Customer Service Officers who are handling general queries and delivering customer service in response to implementations or changes in government policy are in high demand.

Given demand, it’s unsurprising that permanent vacancy activity rose over the 2017-18 year, particularly in the SME sector where employers offer flexible working hours to support parents and students. Temporary vacancy activity continues too in response to workload peaks and campaign work.

In short, with business sentiment strong the market is job rich and quality candidates receive multiple job offers. Employers therefore need to act quickly and decisively if they want to secure the top talent.

Despite this, salaries remain stable. Employees and jobseekers are therefore looking closely at non-monetary benefits such as flexible working conditions, social incentives and long-term career advancement opportunities when considering job offers or whether to remain with an employer. The variety of a role and a focus on customer experience over average call handling times are important too.

An organisation’s values and cultural fit are also key – for both jobseekers and employers – in order to reduce turnover and ensure a happy and productive team.

In other trends, more organisations are relocating offshore contact centres back to Australia. This has increased vacancy activity for Outbound Sales, Telemarketers, Sales Agents, Customer Service Consultants, Contact Centre Managers and Team Leaders.

When recruiting at the entry level, employers continue to consider candidates with retail and hospitality backgrounds, provided they have the right attitude and enthusiasm to work in a customer centric environment. This provides employers with a wider pool of candidates to consider, who can be given strong development pathways.