12 in-demand tech jobs of tomorrow

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Published: 30 August, 2022
Blockchain developers, robotics engineers and AppSec engineers are among the 12 top in-demand tech jobs of tomorrow, as identified by recruitment and workforce solutions specialist Hays.
Hays’s recently released list features both new roles and existing jobs that will rapidly increase in demand in coming years. 
“In a constantly evolving world of work, IT professionals must keep pace,” says Robert Beckley, Regional Director at Hays. “If you’re planning your IT career path, maintaining a view of the skills employers will need in the years ahead will help shape your upskilling plan and future-proof your employability.”

In-demand tech jobs of tomorrow

According to Hays, these are the 12 most in-demand tech jobs of tomorrow:
  1. Blockchain developers: With more businesses set to adopt blockchain technology, Blockchain developers will be increasingly sought to ensure the security and integrity of data.

  2. UX designers: As more businesses undergo digital transformations and develop customer-focused interfaces, these professionals will be in greater demand to create an effective user experience.

  3. IoT engineers: With the number of connected devices projected to rapidly increase, demand for Internet of Things (IoT) engineers currently dwarfs future requirements.

  4. Software engineers: As more organisations use technology to improve their operations and interact with customers, demand will rise for software engineers who can design, develop, test and maintain transformational software.

  5. Robotics engineers: Growth in the global robotics market will create strong opportunities for long-lasting careers in this field. Add increased investment in the development of Cobots (collaborative robots), and demand for robotics engineers will rise further.

  6. Cloud engineers: As more organisations utilise cloud computing, demand will continue to rise for dedicated cloud engineers who can design and implement bespoke solutions.

  7. Data scientists: With an increasing amount of data available to organisations, the demand for data scientists who can analyse and extract in-depth and actionable insights will grow.  

  8. Machine learning engineers: The global market for machine learning is expanding rapidly, ensuring strong future job opportunities for this highly technical skill set.

  9. Mobile application developers: Organisations are increasing their investment in mobile applications to gather data from, connect with and sell to consumers. This will underpin growing demand for mobile application developers.

  10. IAM engineers: The IAM (Identity and Access Management) market is growing, which will create strong future demand for IAM engineers to manage users’ identities and access to systems and data.

  11. DevSecOps engineers: Development, security and operations (DevSecOps) engineers will be in growing demand by organisations to secure systems from inception. 

  12. AppSec engineers: To minimise the risk of releasing code with known vulnerabilities, application security (AppSec) engineers will be in high demand in coming years to identify and fix vulnerabilities and secure applications from the start.
This list will evolve over time, so check back here for updates.
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