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The rapid adoption of cloud, which is making customer interfaces more engaging and creating a seamless engagement with your business, means that from the foundation of your organisation up, software developers are critical to your success.

As the competition for talent grows, we’re ready and waiting to help you find the developers who can really make an impact on your business.   

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From front-end to back-end development, we’ve got you covered. You might be after a front-end developer with that special creative flair to improve your UX. Or perhaps you need a back-end developer to drive forward your transition to cloud.

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  The acceleration of digital transformation has created huge demand for Software Engineers. The skills shortage has been exacerbated by the lack of overseas skilled labour. We are seeing organisations competing for the same skills at a level we haven’t seen before. 
Robert Beckley, Regional Director 

Your software development recruitment questions, answered

What are the biggest software development trends in 2021?

Cloud-native engineers continue to be in short supply but high demand as organisations of all sizes across Australia adopt cloud at speed. Investment in AI is continuously growing as organisations want to make use of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
This means more developers will be needed to build AI functionality into software applications. Further developments in the use of VR, AR and MR will also create a need for more development expertise in these areas.

Which software development technologies are in high demand?

Competition remains high for Java and JavaScript engineers, and employers are also snapping up developers with experience in Python. Full-stack developers are especially prized by employers. 
Requirements for those with expertise in cloud-based technologies and DevOps has seen exponential growth, causing demand for AWS, Docker, Kubernetes and GCP skills to continue to rise across several areas. 

What soft skills should I look for in a software developer?

Software developers today often need to be more than just literate with multiple programming languages. As the development landscape becomes even more complex, look out for those with evidence of good problem-solving skills who will be well suited to assess an issue and choose the best solution.
Strong communication skills are a must-have to allow a developer to have the most impact when suggesting viable technical solutions to business needs. Creativity is another useful trait that allows innovation to flourish.

What salaries should I expect to pay for talented software developers in Australia?

The breadth of knowledge and experience a developer has will of course impact their salary. Typically, junior software developers can expect salaries of around $90,000 with senior software developers averaging $100,000-$135,000.
Technical leads can receive salaries of up to $180,000, and Development Managers up to $220,000.

Aside from a good salary, what can I do to attract top software developers?

The real factor that can help your organisation to stand out from the competition is being able to prove your investment in upskilling. It’s obvious how much the software development landscape is evolving and a technology or language that’s currently popular may soon become obsolete.
Showcase your commitment to supporting an individual’s development either through investment in training using platforms, or an LMS like Hays Thrive, offering time off for upskilling or the opportunity to get involved with different project teams to broaden their skillset.