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Hays Salary Guide FY24/25 has demonstrated that this year should be the year for action. The data showed us that the extremes of the past year have stabilised, and that the workforce is ready to roll up its sleeves and get to work, but organisations continue to be cautious. While there is some indication that businesses expect activity to pick up in the 12 months ahead, that activity is going to be serviced increasingly by a contingent workforce as intentions to high permanent headcounts remains much lower than expected activity uptick. 

While overarchingly there has been a reduction in the extreme skills shortages of the past year, some industries are still facing extreme skills shortages, so how can organisations hold onto their top talent?

In this year's Hays Salary Guide, you’ll find:

  • What benefits top talent are looking for from their employers
  • Salary benchmarking to ensure you remain competitive
  • How many of your employees could be looking for a new job soon​
  • Make the numbers work for your career. Download today. 
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Key findings from our Hays Salary Guide FY24/25



of business believe activity will increase in the year ahead.
of businesses are reporting that skill shortages have eased.


of all organisations have reported that productivity has increase
or stayed the same over the past year.
of organisations reported working in a flexible way with some days in office,
and some at home.

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Covering more than 1,270 roles across 27 industries in metro and regional locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, the Hays Salary Guide is the largest employment survey with more than 15,000 responses from professionals.
With 45 years of experience in creating ANZ’s most comprehensive Salary Guide, Hays can help you make sense of the numbers and unlock the potential of your workforce. 

In the guide, we provide salary data for roles across de following verticals: