Work in tech? You need these skills on your CV

While technical, or hard skills, remain important for tech professionals in 2023, these skills aren’t the sole focus for employers during the hiring process. 
Considering the increasing responsibilities of tech roles and the need to collaborate with numerous stakeholders, ideal candidates will need to have strong soft skills. So, if you're looking to take on a new challenge this year, we've got some advice on the skills employers are looking for and how to showcase your strengths in these areas when applying for roles.

Top soft skills for tech professionals in 2023

A learning mindset

The technology sector is one of the fastest changing, so sustained success in a tech role depends heavily on continuous learning. The half-life of skills is now only five years, and in technology it could be argued that this is even shorter with new and emerging technologies being created and adopted regularly. Demonstrating that you have the ability to learn will show potential employers that you’re dedicated to your career journey and open to new and innovative tools and ways of working. Showing that you have a learning mindset is especially important at the beginning of your career. Employers want to be assured that you can adapt well to training, especially when dealing with unfamiliar concepts.

Flexibility and adaptability

With the challenges many organisations face while implementing their digital strategies, you'll need to be ready to adapt to ever-changing goals, problems and responsibilities. A track record of cross-training and meeting deadlines will place you in high regard.

Ability to adopt change

While successfully adopting change in a business relies heavily on leadership and change management programs, it’s equally important that employees are open to change. If you're seeking a senior position, consider ways to influence your team to flex and adapt. Those in junior roles should be receptive to new processes and ways of working.

Problem solving

Whether you're a developer or a project manager, finding solutions to problems is critical in everyone’s day-to-day work. While experience is valuable, employers also appreciate individuals who can offer fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.


Effective communication is highly desirable in any industry, and tech is no exception. Communication tops the list of interpersonal skills. In a hybrid working environment, the ability to engage effectively with colleagues no matter where they’re located is essential.

How to demonstrate your soft skills

Just listing these soft skills in your opening statement when applying for a new role is insufficient. Hiring managers have heard these buzzwords from countless applicants and you need your CV to stand out. 
Try providing specific examples of how you've demonstrated and utilised your soft skills and the value they brought to previous employers.
For instance, instead of simply stating, "I'm a problem solver," elaborate on a role in your job history: "I created a purpose-built X, saving our team X hours per month in manual processes." 
Here are some ways you can showcase these soft skills on your CV or during an interview: 
  • A learning mindset: List the skills you developed in past roles and how they contributed.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Describe a situation where you successfully adapted to changes in a project. 
  • Ability to adopt change: Provide an example of a positive outcome resulting from your adaptability to change.
  • Problem solving: Explain how you found solutions to challenges and the impact of your actions. 
  • Communication: Discuss instances where you collaborated with large or remote teams. How many stakeholders were involved? Were any external?
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Top in-demand soft skills: what to remember

While hard skills are important to success in the technology sector, they vary based on role and organisation. To impress a prospective employer, you need to demonstrate possession of the soft skills listed and how you can apply them to contribute to the team's success. Reflect on past experiences and identify opportunities to enhance these skills – if you haven't done so, it's time to start now. 
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