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Following the warm reception received by our first three reports - The DNA of a CFO, The DNA of a CIO and The DNA of an HRD, this latest addition aims to provide aspiring Chief Procurement Officers in Australia and New Zealand with insight on how they can reach the top procurement job based on the experiences of successful CPOs.

Today’s procurement and supply chain leaders operate in a world of continuous change. They have transitioned from a tactical to a strategic function where they contribute to overall business efficiency and competitiveness and directly impact the bottom line. This creates quality opportunities for those entering the profession but it’s important people set themselves up for success if they want to rise to the top.

Candidates frequently ask us about the path to success. How do I reach the top job? What do I need to do to transition from senior management to an executive role? What should my CV include? Which skills should I be working on today so that I am ready for the opportunities of tomorrow? What tertiary qualifications should I undertake?

This report helps answer these questions. In it, we share the insights and experience of our network of top, highly motivated and incredibly successful CPOs. The report details their paths to success including their pivotal career and learning moments and their advice for the next generation of professionals.

We also took the opportunity to ask these top CPOs for their thoughts on tackling challenges such as aligning and educating organisations about the value procurement can add to all areas of the business and how they go about balancing cost and supply.

We encourage all aspiring CPOs to use the lessons and advice from today’s business leaders to their advantage. 

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