Gender Diversity report

Gender Diversity report

Female leader reviewing the gender diversity report

De-gendering gender diversity by offering and accepting equal parental leave and flexible working options without career consequences for women and men could improve female representation in the workplace.

That’s one of the key findings explored in our 2017 Gender Diversity Report released on International Women’s Day 2017.

81% of respondents said shared parental leave and child rearing responsibility would help break down unconscious biases and improve gender diversity. Yet just 19% said their organisation offers parental leave for male employees on equal terms to female employees. In addition, the majority say men in their organisation rarely take (27%) or only take some (46%) of the parental leave they’re entitled to.

Referring to the resignations of two high profile men late last year from demanding jobs for family reasons – James Brayshaw and John Key – Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand says, “In what might be a first in this part of the world (ANZ), men have started talking about their inability to ‘have it all’.

“To help to make real and lasting gender equality progress, I believe we need to start talking in terms of ‘family-friendly’ rather than ‘women-friendly’ policies. We need to offer and then accept the decision of men to work flexibly and take paternity leave too. Doing so without making assumptions about career motivations or applying unconscious or otherwise career consequences will have a positive impact on female gender equality.”

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