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The festive season has arrived, and we are ready for a well-earned holiday break. Jobseekers often press pause on their job search during the Christmas period, with many believing businesses stop recruiting.

Job hunting? Three reasons why you should still apply for a job, even if you don’t meet all the requirements. Read more.

If 2020 was about career preservation, now is a great time for career revitalisation. 2020 is the year many job candidates were happy to forget. However, as our new Hays Salary Guide FY21/22 shows, we have turned a corner and job vacancies are on the rise. In welcome news, employers are becoming increasingly optimistic.

After a challenging 2020, many people are contemplating what their career will look like. Read on for our advice on how to stand out and find a job.

When it comes time to write or update your CV, it’s natural that you will have questions. Find out what the most common CV questions are here.

With cybersecurity being a priority for business leaders, there has never been a better time to be a cybersecurity professional. Find out more here.

What skills will be in greatest demand in 2021? The world of work and the skills required are constantly changing – this year more than most. So, whether you’re looking to get hired or add to your team, it pays to keep informed and understand the most in-demand skills for the year ahead.   With many organisations returning to growth and looking to protect their future, it’s no...

January is behind us and the new year is well underway. If you’ve decided to look for a new job in 2020, then the following key points will help you boost your employability this year and beyond. 1. Think about the skills you will need to achieve your future career goals: If you really are to move closer to reaching your professional goals, it’s crucial to subjectively take stock of...

What do you want from your next job? More flexibility, perhaps? To immerse yourself in a new and improved company culture? And probably a little more in the bank each month, right? These are the sort of rewards we all tend to look for when we decide to switch jobs, but naturally, money in particular is a key motivator for many. You may also, however, be a little anxious about discussing your...

When applying for jobs, people often focus on their technical skills and experience. While these skills are essential to any job, they’re not the be-all and end-all of what employers look for in their next recruit. If you want to really stand out, you need to present a complete package to employers, one that helps them visualise you succeeding in the role – and that involves painting a...

Many candidates find discussing their salary expectations a daunting prospect. Find out more about discussing salary expectations here.

During your job search, you will find yourself faced with all kinds of difficult questions and you’ll want to confide in trusted people. Read more here.

There’s been a lot of market commentary in recent times about the changing nature of recruitment. Find out more information here.

If you want to be selected for the right opportunity, and relatively quickly, then you need to focus and develop a winning job search strategy.

Your USP positions you in the candidate market based on your personal strengths, skills, experience and value. Read more about telling your story here.

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