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Job hunting? Three reasons why you should still apply for a job, even if you don’t meet all the requirements. Read more.

Interviewing for a teaching position? We've compiled a list of 8 interview questions you might asked—​plus advice on how to respond. Read more.

Australia has powered out of last year’s downturn in a stronger position than anyone could have anticipated back in mid-2020. Today, employment growth is positive. In fact, almost three-quarters (74%) of employers say permanent staffing levels are either above or equal to their pre-COVID-19 point.

Our newly released Hays Salary Guide FY21/22 shows that small salary increments are on the horizon for many skilled professionals this year, but not all New Zealanders will receive equal salary rewards. This year, our salary guide paints a picture of a widening salary expectation gap between employers and employees.

If you work in or with the IT industry, chances are fair you’ve heard others use the terms ‘Software Engineer’ and ‘Software Developer’ interchangeably. Sometimes, it’s a non-issue. Other times, it’s problematic. We recently sponsored the YOW! Conference and surveyed members of the software community for their views on the terms ‘Software Engineer’ and ‘Software Developer’.

Since early 2020, we’ve all experienced or witnessed considerable change in the world of work, leading many careers to take unexpected twists and turns. In some instances, this has made it harder for professionals to feel as though they can effectively plan their careers in a way that they might have done pre-pandemic. Hear from Eliza Kirkby, Regional Director at Hays, as she shares her...

The long-term impact of the pandemic on our work life is an enduring conversation. Right now, however, it’s clear that employers’ expectations of executive assistants (EAs) and personal assistants (PAs) are changing. Here, we look at how executive assistant roles are changing and the implications that EAs and PAs should be aware of to continue to succeed and thrive in their chosen career.

The challenges of the pandemic have forced many businesses to adopt an innovative mindset in order to adapt to new demands in record time. Read more here.

After a challenging 2020, many people are contemplating what their career will look like. Read on for our advice on how to stand out and find a job.

For the past 12 months there has been a significant focus on the particular challenges faced by women during the COVID-19 crisis. Find out more here.

Recognising top performers has long been viewed as a good strategy to motivate performance. But when budgets are tight, how can you reward your employees?

Receiving poor feedback during a performance review is never easy, regardless of whether you’d anticipated it or not. Find out more about what to do next.

To enjoy a successful experience on your contract as an IT contractor, there are a number of things you'll need to consider. Find out more here.

Rather than fear that robots are taking over, EAs can benefit from automation – provided they take the appropriate action now. Find out more information.

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