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Rather than fear that robots are taking over, EAs can benefit from automation – provided they take the appropriate action now. Find out more information.

Robotic automation is transforming accountancy and finance jobs through the automation of routine operational tasks. Find out more information here.

Many candidates find discussing their salary expectations a daunting prospect. Find out more about discussing salary expectations here.

As a contractor, you will be more than familiar with the many benefits that temping brings. Find out how to set yourself apart with a great CV.

A bad interview can certainly throw your confidence. But rest assured, all is not lost. Read about what you should do next, after a bad interview.

During your job search, you will find yourself faced with all kinds of difficult questions and you’ll want to confide in trusted people. Read more here.

There’s been a lot of market commentary in recent times about the changing nature of recruitment. Find out more information here.

Data scientists are in demand, and candidates with the right mix of skills will be rewarded with a future-proofed and lucrative career. Find out more.

Adaptability, a willingness to learn and a problem solving attitude are some of the soft skills employers look for in today’s rapidly changing world of work and they’re also skills that can be gained in temporary assignments. Early in my career I completed dozens of temporary assignments and from this experience I know that there’s no faster method of learning the soft skills employers need...

The use of the word “we” during job interviews can undermine your suitability. Read more about the reason for this here.

If you want to be selected for the right opportunity, and relatively quickly, then you need to focus and develop a winning job search strategy.

It is no secret that IT continues to be a male-dominated space, arguably to a greater degree than many other industry sectors. Find out more information.

Whether it’s racing thoughts, sweaty palms or feeling restless, one thing is for certain – those job interview nerves are starting to kick in. If you could just shake those nerves in time for the interview, you would be able to exude confidence and make a strong impression. However, the clock is ticking and those interview nerves aren’t showing any signs of subsiding. Over the years, I have...

What’s the working life of a temporary worker or contractor really like? Find out here what life is really like as a temp.

Software developers need to be aware of coding trends in order to keep their skills current and realise opportunities on projects they are working on.

Your USP positions you in the candidate market based on your personal strengths, skills, experience and value. Read more about telling your story here.

Submitting a CV packed with errors could prevent you from being invited to interview, no matter how qualified you might be for the role. Find out more.

How can you tell if you are really ready to take a step up and start managing a team? Here are ten signs that suggest you're already on your way.

Taking on responsibilities which push you outside your comfort zone will also boost your own confidence and sense of self-worth. Find out more here.

Digitalising your CV allows you to add links and other digital elements that can demonstrate your skills and experience. Find out more information here.

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