Free online training to help organisations and their staff thrive during COVID-19


Published: 5 May, 2020

Recruiting expert Hays has launched a free online training portal designed to help employers and teams grow the skills they need to function effectively and thrive in the face of Covid-19. 

Available to businesses of all sizes, Hays Thrive offers three course areas covering remote working, wellbeing and health and safety. 

The remote working courses will help improve worker efficiency and assist with planning your days when working remotely. The wellbeing courses help improve physical and mental wellbeing, while the health and safety courses inform staff on best practice health and hygiene.  

The courses are designed to be completed as part of a busy schedule, with a learning management system included to help employers assign training, track team completions and create personalised training programmes. 

“In the midst of the current crisis, Hays Thrive will help power the world of work as it changes daily by supporting employers and their staff to manage their workloads and productivity while working remotely,” said Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand. 

“The training also helps people manage the stresses of working remotely and gives teams the tools they need to get through this challenging time. 

“Along with the remote working and health and safety courses, it was vital to us to include a course dedicated to wellbeing to help employers put their staff’s mental health first, something we all need to be aware of during these uncertain times.

“We’ll be adding new courses over time to help organisations upskill their staff regularly in response to changing market conditions and trends. 

“What’s great about this training is that it’s more than just theory. It also includes quizzes, videos and tools to make courses interactive, engaging and memorable.

“By offering online training courses for free, we hope to help businesses find new ways of working and support their workers through the crisis.”

Hays created Hays Thrive in partnership with GO1, an established leader in learning and education. 

To get set up with the free online training, an organisation needs to register their details via www.hayslearning.com.au. Once set up, an organisation can then assign training to their employees. There are no limitations to the number of staff an organisation or manager can add to the training platform.

For more information on Hays Thrive and the courses available, visit www.hayslearning.com.au.

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