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Are you prepared for tomorrow’s challenges?

Changes in how, where and why we work are having large impacts on organisation’s workforce strategies. Business Executives and their leadership teams recognise the need to adapt, and in some cases, reinvent, their businesses for the future while remaining competitive in the here and now.  
Changing motivations of employees, the relentless pace of change that technology offers, an ever-growing digital skills gap, economic uncertainty and unfolding legislation will impact the types of jobs available – and the way we get work done.

What you’ll find in this report

To understand how organisation’s will need to flex their workforce strategies, leaders need to understand three interconnected landscapes.  

  • Macro landscape: This encompasses the impacts of inflation, evolving legislation and the impacts of climate change.
  • Innovation landscape: How Artificial Intelligence will reshape work, and jobs, and the increasing importance of digital-first employee experiences when competing for talent. 
  • People landscape: Join the complex debate over where work is done and find out how organisations should turn the dial on their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Learning and Development strategies.  
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