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We are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we live and work in

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Hays Australia proudly partner with The Smith Family

The Smith Family is Australia’s largest children’s education charity, helping disadvantaged young Australians to succeed at school and working towards creating a better future for them. Access to education is a lifeline for many underprivileged children, so we take great pride in partnering with The Smith Family to support them in equipping children with the motivation, resilience and life skills they need to overcome their circumstances and access a brighter future.

In addition to the partners we work with, we recognise the important role our employees have to play in supporting our communities. We have empowered every Hays employee globally to take one paid Volunteering Day each year to help with causes aligned to the Helping for your tomorrow program which creates potentially over 10,000 days of time total per year that Hays employees are helping societies in which they’re based.

The Hays Helping for your tomorrow program was established to ensure we’re supporting the communities we serve by lifting the employability of people who may not have equal opportunity and creating a more sustainable future of work.

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